Volunteering – St Francis’ Children Society

Through my school and the Get Involved (GIV) Project I was interviewed and chosen to take part and lead a project to transform a garden in a local children’s adoption centre. More on St Francis’ Children Society here: https://www.facebook.com/stfrancischildrenssociety/


This garden was designed by myself and 4 other Sixth Form students; also with the help of Garden Designers from Cherrypip Garden Designers. This space was created to give, the community visiting, a place to both relax and play. The building is used for the children, adoption parents and adopting parents so a transformation like this can make a huge difference on the outlook from their time spent there. We were also lucky enough to be funded by the Milton Keynes Community Foundation and were donated plants from Homebase too.

At the end of only 3 days it was being open to the public and to do so the Mayor, Steve Coventry, visited. I was honored to give a tour of the garden, the building and explain our aims and achievements to both the Mayor and Mayoress along with another student I was working with.  I was interviewed by the press and many photos were taken. Take a look at the article published about the whole scheme, including a video: http://www.onemk.co.uk/charity-garden-created-by-milton-keynes-students-opens-to-the-public/story-29491896-detail/story.html


St Francis garden opening 2


I’m so grateful I got to take part in this scheme; working and helping those of younger years in my school and learning new skills, both socially and physically. I have done some volunteering in the past but this seemed like a whole new experience and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well. I would love to take part in more volunteering and schemes like this in the future.



Paris Short 2016

During my visit to Disneyland Paris with my sister this year, 2016, I tested out my GoPro for the first time to create a film. I started with a whole film of footage but then condensed it to make a short, lasting a couple minutes.
I loved making this, both the filming and editing; to edit, I used the software available for an Apple Mac computer called iMovie. It’s relatively easy to use once you know how to apply effects, cut clips and play with sound.
This is not my first time making movies/shorts but I want to publish this as I am proud and found that this has come out much better than my others; maybe due to the camera, software or experience.

Hope you enjoy watching!

Here’s the link to my Paris Short on YouTube:

Harry Potter, Warner Brother Studio Tour, London

I took a trip to the Harry Potter, Warner Brother Studio Tour in London a couple weeks ago. I was not only inspired by the great amount of sets and artifacts from the films but also amazed by the work and skill put into making the films and everything we see in the duration of them.

I was mostly inspired by the sketches and plans for the Hogwarts school and the scene boards for the characters in the film. I was so taken back because I got an insight on just how much work is put into films like this and how every detail is taken into account to meet very high standards. The style and presentation of these artworks were shown as sketches and carefully measured drawings done with pencils and ink pen, which I liked the look of.

I enjoyed viewing the illustration-take on the scene boards the most because they were simple yet detailed at the same time.

There are also some photos of the graphics work created for the props in the films. They are so creative and just like everything else, so detailed. I loved just looking at all the small artifacts and plans for the Harry Potter series and has definitely inspired my future work in illustration and graphics.

I have also inserted photographs of the building plans too. These are made from white card and incredibly detailed within the structure and form of the architecture. Looking at this, you can appreciate the detail and precision one needs to have an end result like these.


V&A and The National Gallery

Recently I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Gallery in London.

I did this to inspire my recent work for my Art Deco project. I was looking at not only the artwork on display but also the architecture and structures of the buildings around me.

I found this trip inspiring but was down that the Saatchi Gallery was taken over by a single exhibition at the time I visited; I would like to re-visit this gallery in the future. I found a few artists and artworks which have developed in my project, mostly focusing on patterns of the 1920s Art Deco movement.



“Art cannot be criticized because every mistake is a new creation”

During a London visit in 2012, an exhibition was held displaying the works of Mr. Brainwash. His work is greatly inspired by Banksy. The exhibition ‘exit through the gift shop’ displayed wonderful, imaginative creations with the words from Mr. Brianwash, admitting he is “Banksy’s biggest work of art”.

I loved the look of these pieces and as they seemed free-spirited and so fun to look at. There was everything from portraits created from broken records to paint splattered to all corners of the room. I found the exhibition very different to anything I’d seen before as nothing was in frames and if they were, they were graffitied or broken; I enjoyed myself and the whole atmosphere of the warehouse-looking space became exciting as soon as you went inside.

These pieces are sold for £26k for an original piece, or more but if you can’t spare that type of money, you can pick up a free souvenir poster on the way out. Just as I did!


Cophenhagen Street Art

During my visit to Denmark, in 2014, I came across a piece of street art called #HappyWall. I found this inspiring because anyone passing by could walk up and create a shape that made them happy or to make their mark.

This was a long stretch of wall which had a range of colours from the rainbow. This was so memorable for me because I found it amazing that it was a piece of art which used the public to create happiness and creativity on the streets of a busy city.

The National Portrait Gallery-London, September

During September, I took a trip to London to visit The National Portrait Galley where I discovered a multitude of new artists which opened my up to more styles and materials. These are a few pictures of the art that caught my attention and that can possibly have the power to inspire my future artwork.

I used this visit not to only inspire me but to also be a part of my AS Art project.

Discovered a new realism artist that captured my attention and appreciation, widely: Ishbel Myerscough.