Lady’s Back

I had learnt a lot whilst taking my Life Drawing class and wanted to extend my learning in my spare time. After class I would experiment with papers and textures of which I wouldn’t whilst I was there and to also try and help develop my discovery for my own style.

This is done on plastic sheets with a coloured tint and a black, thin marker pen.

These 2 sheets are layered on top of one and other the incorporate the outline and shadows from the mark making. I enjoy these pieces both apart and together as it shows simplicity but also detail; I also found that I very much enjoyed working with marker and felt tips as a result of this piece.img_1914


Life Drawing~September 2015

This was my first term in Life Drawing- Septemeber 2015. It was something┬ácompletely different to anything I’ve taken part in and experienced before; I thoroughly enjoyed discovering skills in materials, poses, the human form, dimensions and how to measure/scale bodies on my page.

These are a few of many pieces I created whilst attending this class, these are the ones I’m most proud of whether it due to the outcome of the piece or what I learnt during the journey of creating it.


Mix of materials with pencil and felt pen



Capturing time and direction with a set of poses



Listened to jumpy, exited music whilst creating this piece



Capturing the movement of sound and how this effects the style of pen lines



Focusing on dimentions


Using charcoal