Hey, my name is Nicole. I’m a student who was studying Art, Product Design in Design Technology and English Language/Literature, Geography and Core Maths in AS, now currently Art, Product Design in Design Technology and English Language/Literature at A Level. I enjoy studying these subjects but have a great passion for the Arts; I wish to attend university in the near future to study Fine Art and Film and have already discovered three I have high hopes about.

I have always created art and began filmmaking at around the age of 12. I made short films of family holidays and made compilations using a camcorder and editing software. Recently, I have invested in a GoPro Camera and an Apple iMac to create a greater professional approach for widening my skills and knowledge.

On this Blog, I hope to post a multitude of things from films, pictures of my art and creations to written work about experiences, mind mapping and my expression of ideas.

My other enjoyments are Theatre Arts. I attended Stagecoach Theatre Arts school for 12 years until I carried on by volunteering then working part time every weekend. I get to work with children from the ages of 4-6 which I love to do.

I also enjoy spending my time making others happy. I keep a balance between school studies and friends, family and helping others. Whether it’s a selfless act in a supermarket or getting involved in a volunteering scheme.


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