Thread Studies

This is some experimentation during a Portaiture project where I discovered different ways to portray contours on the face using a variety of methods. I used both threads and fineliner pens to create these effects and positions them in a way which complimented the face.
Through the duration of the project, I used colour and tone to define the contours of the face and tried to represent this here also.
I enjoyed creating these peices as it was a new way of working and allowed me to mix media I usually wouldnt; this discovery has lead me to a decision that I would like to take it further into another art piece on a larger scale. I would want to experiment with the mixed media one which incorperates both the fineliner and threads as I feel this is the strongest, most interesting of the 4.

berry trolley

This is a spread of 2 A3 pieces created with the technique of etching and incorperates real fruit juices and ink.
The reason for my art was contributing to the idea of the waste of food from us as a culture and how it’s an ongoing problem which needs to be fixed, worldwide.
This is created by using inks to etching into the A3 cartridge paper and calico fabric whilst then adding  real fruit juices and bits as an explosion to represent the destruction of food of which we buy and how this is a pointless routine.
These pieces (being a part of my project) have a background meaning and inspiratioon behind them, also.
I watched a BBC1 documentry called: Hugh’s War on Waste. This is the stepping stone of which I used to influence my art. The documentry puts into persepective about how much we waste, why we are doing it and how we need to stop it; I wanted to explore ways in which I could present this inforamtion in art form- this meant both in stats, imagery and literal sense.
I really enjoy both these pieces I created but I would like to expand these, to create a multitude of them as I think they would work nicely as a collection.

Lady’s Back

I had learnt a lot whilst taking my Life Drawing class and wanted to extend my learning in my spare time. After class I would experiment with papers and textures of which I wouldn’t whilst I was there and to also try and help develop my discovery for my own style.

This is done on plastic sheets with a coloured tint and a black, thin marker pen.

These 2 sheets are layered on top of one and other the incorporate the outline and shadows from the mark making. I enjoy these pieces both apart and together as it shows simplicity but also detail; I also found that I very much enjoyed working with marker and felt tips as a result of this piece.img_1914