Hey, my name is Nicole. I’m a student studying Art, Product Design in Design Technology, English Language/Literature, Geography and Core Maths in AS; first year of Sixth Form. I enjoy studying these subjects but have a great passion for the Arts; I wish to attend university in the near future to study Fine Art and Film and have already discovered three I have high hopes about.

I hope to attend a Film Summer School this summer which can hopefully introduce me to more techniques and experiences I’ll need to study this course at University. I’m very much excited to work with actors, cameras, and being able to edit a short film to present at the end of the week to the rest of the camp.

I have always created art and began filmmaking at around the age of 12. I made short films of family holidays and made compilations using a camcorder and editing software. Recently, I have invested in a GoPro Camera and an Apple iMac to create a greater professional approach for widening my skills and knowledge.

On this Blog, I hope to post a multitude of things from films, pictures of my art and creations to written work about experiences, mind mapping and my expression of ideas.


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