Art Deco in Illustration

My current AS project is based around The Spirit of Art Deco. These are a few pictures of work inspired by Erté and André Edouard Marty which then lead to my own style where I used etching on fabric and worked over it with felt pens.

I have now created a series of these pieces of fabric, some from the same etching sheet and some from a few primary photographs I took of my friend.


A few studies of Erte’s work


A few studies of Andre Edouard Marty’s work


My own design and Artwork



Cardboard Study

This was an experiment I did using cardboard and glue. I enjoyed doing this and feel the outcome was quite good too. I used a craft knife to cut sections out and created layers by cutting down some more than others and creating curves on the edges.

Cophenhagen Street Art

During my visit to Denmark, in 2014, I came across a piece of street art called #HappyWall. I found this inspiring because anyone passing by could walk up and create a shape that made them happy or to make their mark.

This was a long stretch of wall which had a range of colours from the rainbow. This was so memorable for me because I found it amazing that it was a piece of art which used the public to create happiness and creativity on the streets of a busy city.

Portraiture with Maps

I took my own spin on the artist: Ed Fairburn’s work, so instead of creating realism in maps, I used illustration to create similar pieces. I find that using the illustration to copy straight onto the map gives a slightly etched style which I quite like.

It was done in biro which gives a more precise, clean look and makes it more subtle in the map but then still insures it is seen.



This was an experiment in preparation for a final piece of my AS coursework. This was done using layers of maps, cut on the contours and stuck on top of each other to create a 3D appearance.

The illustration was then hand drawn and worked into with coloured fine-liners and sewn into with thread then placed between the frame glass and box frame. This made it stand from the background and gave room to add lines of thread to replicate how to measure on a map and tie in the sewing on the drawing.

My whole project was to do with Portraiture and maps.thumb_IMG_0014_1024thumb_IMG_0013_1024thumb_IMG_0016_1024thumb_IMG_0012_1024thumb_IMG_0017_1024

The National Portrait Gallery-London, September

During September, I took a trip to London to visit The National Portrait Galley where I discovered a multitude of new artists which opened my up to more styles and materials. These are a few pictures of the art that caught my attention and that can possibly have the power to inspire my future artwork.

I used this visit not to only inspire me but to also be a part of my AS Art project.

Discovered a new realism artist that captured my attention and appreciation, widely: Ishbel Myerscough.


I attended a cupcake class to learn skills in baking and techniques of how to manipulate icing and decoration to create a masterpiece on top of a cake. I enjoyed doing this so much; it was therapeutic, I learned a great amount and enjoyed creating art in a different form.

This was the second class I’ve attended now, with the first being Christmas themed and this one being the theme of creating intricate, delicate flowers.

I almost didn’t want to eat them afterward!


Recent class focusing on flowers



Christmas class


Life Drawing~September 2015

This was my first term in Life Drawing- Septemeber 2015. It was something completely different to anything I’ve taken part in and experienced before; I thoroughly enjoyed discovering skills in materials, poses, the human form, dimensions and how to measure/scale bodies on my page.

These are a few of many pieces I created whilst attending this class, these are the ones I’m most proud of whether it due to the outcome of the piece or what I learnt during the journey of creating it.


Mix of materials with pencil and felt pen



Capturing time and direction with a set of poses



Listened to jumpy, exited music whilst creating this piece



Capturing the movement of sound and how this effects the style of pen lines



Focusing on dimentions


Using charcoal

Realism in Food

An old project of mine experimented with food and materials that could replicate the textures and colours which could add realism to my work. I experimented with oil paints, melted wax, acrylic paints and watercolours.

These are a few of the pieces I’m proud of and feel went the best; this is due to the fact the style became mine and unique or realism was captured well through my techniques.




With inspiration from the artist André Édouard Marty’s style and incorporated the element of cover fashion. This is an addition to my current project in AS which explores ‘The Spirit of Art Deco’ and also shows a french twist to add elegance and variety between my pieces.